Price Suggestion
~17 keys
Unusual Samur-Eye Aces High
186 votes up
141 votes down

This suggestion was marked as bad price range and closed 4 months ago by polar.

The price range that was supplied was too broad, or was not appropriate for the supplied evidence. Therefore, this suggestion has been closed.

Comments can no longer be left on this suggestion.

    looks too much like a quicksell


      seems low, scm quickbuys all for 10 keys.

      And the buyer is literally "Buying quicksell"

        why is this still up? 3 days was an obvious quicksell and there's other sales :S just close it so a mod doesn't have to waste time on this

        There are more sales, how much you got it for?

          its been 26 are mods missing this?

            and its on the front page, probably getting blindvoted up too

  !/compare/1486684800/1486857600 - sale at 16 pure here

            There are a few more sales here, but at the very least this will need a range.