Price Suggestion
~15 keys
Unusual Pugilist's Protector Eerie Orbiting Fire
51 votes up
5 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 10 months ago by polar.

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Eerie Orbiting Fire Pugilist's Protector

If you think about it, if more people made unusual suggestions, you would very rarely need minis because everything going around would be indate :^)

Sale 1:!/compare/1482019200/1482192000

Bulk for Peace Sign Toy Soldier

Sale 2:!/compare/1482192000/1482278400

Used on the Sultan’s + bulky

Sale 3:!/compare/1482105600/1482278400

Sold for a Steaming Fro (13, open suggestion) + ~.5k sweets

13 + .5 = 13.5

X = 14 (rounded)

Sale 4:!/compare/1482537600/1482710400

Sold for an Orbiting Planets Sergeant's Drill Hat (14, open suggestion)

X = 14

Sales at:



Final Price: 14 keys