Price Suggestion
~21.5 keys
Unusual Taunt: Oblooterated Infernal Flames
19 votes up
30 votes down
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Hi there people, 4 recent sales for this unu taunt.

(Sale #1) For a Green Energy Pugilist's Protector (22-23) so ~22.5 keys. Proof ----->!/compare/1483660800/1483747200

(Sale #2) For a Haunted Ghosts Western Wear (20-25) so ~22.5 keys. Proof --->!/compare/1483142400/1483228800

(Sale #3) For a Purple Energy Airdog (45-55) so ~50 keys. Proof ---->!/compare/1477699200/1477785600

(Sale #4) (Credits to UMER) For a Miami Nights Conquistador ~20 keys + 20 Keys pure + 6 keys in sweets. So ~46 keys Proof --->!/compare/1482883200/1482969600

Sellers for arround that range atm of suggesting (The same ones in Outpost, and no one in SCM)--->

Items histories -->

(Minis) (As suggested by Dork)

Green Energy Pugilist's Protector, 2 sellers for 23 keys and 1 duped for 19 ----->'s%20Protector/Tradable/Craftable/9

Haunted Ghosts Western Wear, 1 seller on the market for 25 keys pure --->

Miami Nights Conquistador , 2 seller for 20 keys pure and 1 duped for 18 ---->

Thanks and have fun!

    the 50 is an obvious outlier.


      Well, obviously u didn even read the 46 keys one...

        all sellers are under 50. Sellers at 33, couple 45 going unsold ... so 50 obviously is an outlier

          40=/=46 .-. Well at lest the difference between a contributor that tries to help (UMER) and the one that just wants attention (you) has been shown. TY for whatever u vote i cant change your opinion if the proofs are not enough.

            ok man. so an item in this range can be worth xx OOORRrrrr HALF of xx... that even make sense to you? 23 keys is less than half of what your high end is, and all the one listed for a couple weeks at 45 would make it apparent that that's too high. your airdog sale is out of date to use and was during the first part of event = hyped. so that's why my vote is the way it is. common sense vote imo

              Math is hard i guess. 50/2=20 and with your logic 20>23. i hate the range as well, but umer pointed the outlier and in a wise way showed a 46 keys sale. In the outdated thing (the rules points 3 months distance) that distance reaches the 30 of january. TY anyways i hope u r doing this with the intention of help in ur weird way so TY.

                mathing must be hard... 50/2=25. 46/2=23. nvm... ur not gettin what i'm throwin down. umer stated the same thing but u seem to miss the point i'm trying to make. it's just not a suitable range. sales UP TO 3 months CAN be used as supportive proof or if there are not many sales in the last 2 months. 2 months is the normal cut-off point.

                  Ok dude just to make u happy, i will close this and resuggest without range. those 2 high ends marked as "outliers" and then another dude like you will come and complain about the exact opposite thing, i swear.

                The original post was mistaken just had 3 sales, Umer pointed it and helped with the 4th sale. Im not saying i cant make mistakes, but u r commenting on the things that were already corrected with the help of somebody that really wanted to help and knows a lot more than me and maybe u (idk). Dont take it personal.

      You need minis for the Puglists Protector and the Western Wear, as they're outdated.

          TY for the comment and the help!

          The 50k sale might be considered an outlier due to 2 sales at 23. Also, the Puglist and Western Wear needs a mini due to being outdated. 2 month unsold for the pug at 19 keys. 1 more sale:!/compare/1482883200/1482969600

          EDIT: You need sales for minis, unless there are no sales.

            Yeah i added the minis, the 19 one is a duped. And what do u mean with outlier? TY for the comment.

              Well the 50 sale is miles off the 2X sales, which might suggest it is an outlier. An outlier is an observation that lies an abnormal distance from other values in a random sample from a population. Credits: Google

              EDIT: Also, dupedness doesn't matter for unusuals under 30 keys.

                Yeah i know that doesnt matter in that tier just clarifing it. But the sale u just showed is for arround 46 keys, so ts a match arround that price. Ty for the time for teaching me to improve the suggestion.

                    Pls read the new sale added