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~86 keys
Unusual Hound Dog Hellfire
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Hey guys. 1of1

Sold for an Aces High Virtual Viewfinder:!/compare/1482537600/1482624000 --->80 keys.

Mini on the Viewfinder:!/compare/1483920000/1484006400 Sold 1:1 for a terror-watt crones dome. The Crone dome's is around 80 keys.

2nd Sale:!/compare/1482969600/1483056000 Sold for 2 unpriced unusual taunt. Not using this sale.

3rd Sale: Sold with a strange spec. Machina(9.47 keys) for a Stormy 13th Hour Demoman's Fro:90 (Cant get any valid mini on the fro :(..) ---> 81 But not using that for this reason.

4th sale:!/compare/1483401600/1483488000 Sold for a Sunbeams Stuntman (33)+Orb.Fire Trilby(open suggestion at 15 keys)+C'oupe Disaster bubbling (9 keys)+ updated blizzardy Lucha(18 keys) -->75

Mini on Stuntman:!/compare/1483228800/1483315200 bought for 33 selling for 35 keys,also the only clean one in the market.

Mini on Disaster: Sold for 6 keys pure and around 3 keys in items:!/compare/1481673600/1481846400


    Making a correction on the 4th sale (mine)

    I 1:1'd the Stuntman for the Oblooterated.

    I traded a GE Airdog in place of the Stuntman, but it's not tracked in the inventory history because I bought in another then sold it in that trade the same day.

    You'll notice several keys were removed that day, it's what I bought the Airdog with. (43)

      The pure sale for stuntman is just a mini.

        Stuntman was sold in a completely unrelated trade. I have trade history screenshots if you require them.

          Your traded stuntman were duped. Also there is a duped stuntman for 35 keys. Now its fine.

            No, I'm saying that the Stuntman has absolutely nothing to do with this price suggestion because I sold it in an unrelated trade. What I did sell for the Hound Dog was a GE Airdog.

              Thats got a valid price at 58-63. It's seems pretty low.

                Got it from the bot.

         taking unusual atleast -30% and selling his unusuals for around -20%. Your airdog is like max 60 keys-30%=40 keys. Hound Dog 90 keys- around 20%=72 keys. Your story sounds not right.

                    Do you need to see the trade itself? It was 43 or about that.


                    Also in this image is proof that the Stuntman was 1 for 1'd in a different trade.

                    Also, you seem to think I 1 for 1'd the GE Airdog for the Hound Dog. I did not. Here's what the trade was:


                    Coupe+ Trilby+ Lucha+ Airdog+ 6 pure keys.

                      So at the very end: Airdog around 62x0.9=55 keys+coupe 9 keys+trillby 15 keys+lucha 18+6 keys=total 103

    4nd sale:

      Whoops. Thank you for correcting.