Price Suggestion
~5.5 ref
Unique North Polar Fleece
54 votes up
19 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 10 months ago by Teeny Tiny Cat.

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    5.33 is 1 listing and 14 hours old


      I choose 5.33 because most people would comment "What about the 5.33?" but fair enough.

        I would suggest that you not vote at all then downvote to save your accuracy. This suggestion will probably be up long enough for that listing to mature either way (unless it quicksells).

          i dont care about some silly bp rating. i vote to reflect accurate pricing. if it's up long enough to mature, then the mods are going against what they said about closing suggestions that arent matured. downvoting

            Fair enough. This has my downvote as well.

              The mods don't seem fully consistent on it, many of the recent uncraftable suggestions I did were young, and some were accepted while they were still invalid,

        This is valid at the time I'm looking at it, so I will accept it, but in future please wait until listings have matured or run the risk of having suggestions closed. If I'd seen this when it was still invalid, I would have closed it.

        I said this before and I should not have to say this again. Wait for your listings to mature BEFORE making the suggestion.

            it's bad form to make suggestions based on young sellers since the sellers could quicksell. sure, mods will just leave it open for a day to see how it goes, but if the suggestion turns out wrong, then it just becomes a waste of time on everyone's part, effectively spam

              The funny thing is that there was a 5.33 suggesion made a couple hrs ago that had 4 young sellers for proof but 3 of then quick sold after the suggestion was closed by the submitter.

          Aged now, upvote