Price Suggestion
~27 keys
Unusual Fruit Shoot Starstorm Insomnia
43 votes up
39 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 5 months ago by Foamy the Fearsome.

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Trying this again, thank you to the person who said to add the range.

1 out of 1 for probably a long time

This below isn't new info, just the same proof as my last suggestion

Got it through unusual overpay, duped Sulphorous Counterfeit Billycock for Starstorm Insomnia Fruit Shoot + 1 key

Seller wanted b/o of 30 keys:

Proof of trade:

Sulphorous Counterfeit Billycock:

Starstorm Insomnia Fruit Shoot:

Again, please let me know if there's anything I'm missing, thanks.

    downvote, taking off an arbitrary value for the duped billycock. for duped unusuals you need a mini to prove the value, but I think this is low enough that it doesn't matter?

    edit: the most recenty accepted suggestion for the billycock was based on a duped version, so my 2nd sentence up there is irrelevant in this case

      May I ask what the "mini" is

        a "mini" suggestion within the main suggestion to prove an item's value, used to quickly value unusuals with outdated prices, stuff with killstreaks and such, dupes, etc.

          I made the suggestion for the Sulphorous Counterfeit Billycock not too long ago, with the same duped hat, and a moderator stated that it would not matter for that. Would it matter here in this case?

            oh rip I didn't notice that what you labelled as a seller for 30keys was actually the listing you bought it from. that's kinda misleading.... ignore me, sale caps at b/o of 30, but you should really edit that

              There, I believe I fixed it

                btw dupedness doesnt matter for unusuals of 30 keys and less

                  "but I think this is low enough that it doesn't matter?"

                  so I've gathered

                    yeah just clarifying the exact value