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Unique Refined Metal
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This suggestion was accepted 10 months ago by polar.

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Sellers at 0,08 USD and solds. 0.08 USD 15 ref in stock. 0.08 USD created 1 day ago. buying for 0.07 USD and selling for 0.075 USD Lowest seller on tf2outpost. 0.08 USD. 0.08 USD, 32 ref in stock. 0.1 USD. 0.085 USD. 0.09 USD. 0.09 USD. Buying for 0.07 USD. 0.1 USD .

Also there is a ton of sales every day in the price 0.07-0.08 USD.

Also sellers for 0.08 USD

      I tried without 0.07. Didnt worked as well..

      I'm neutral on this. Though it appears that there are quite a few sales at 0.08, there are also sellers on outpost (like the one you mentioned at 0.075) which sort of counter.

      I guess its definitely better than current, seeing the buyers at 0.07.

        He actually has proof,even tho 50% of the people is just gonna blindvote bcuz they see sellers.


              Mods accept suggestions. Not voters. Votes is for us and maybe the mods to see in which direction the com. wants a price to go. thats all

                              This is not how its working. Pricing happening with the sales and also buyers.

                                Right, but the buyers/sales for refined tend to move with the price of keys. Due to the paypal standard, when keys raise in ref, ref tends to drop, or in this case, not raise. Just my two cents.

                         Check the diagram. Just only yesterday sold 262 ref for 0.08 USD.

                                    Right, but idk if that site is valid, because its like marketplace. I personally think both should be valid, but others think not. If they do consider that site valid, then i can see this being fine. Neutral for now.

                                      In opskins, the bot not buying anything . Ppls listing their items for that amount what they want,and when somebody buy for example your listing ,then u get the money, and the buyer get the item from a opskin bot.

                               is invalid because only certain people can sell refined there. On OPskins everyone can sell refined.

                                        Imo it should be treated like SCM. Buyer pays 0.08, seller receives 0.07.

                                        Should be valid to include it as a range, there is no reason for it to be invalid.

                                            Yeah, it would be 0.06 - 0.08 but there are buyers at 0.07 so maybe this could be fine if they don't lower their prices.

                                              If u check now the diagram,last 2 day,refs being sold for 0.08 USD.(The most). And yes may the sellers only receiving 0.07, but the buyer actually paying 0.08 USD=buying it for 0.08 USD..+ in outpost ton of buyer for 0.07USD(counting your ideal for 0.06 USD),ton of seller for 0.08 USD.

                                                are you saying they are using fees on marketplace

                                         $0.10 currently

                                                  Edit: Marketplace is never used for proof, prices there are not fixed, could change now and then, as and when

                                                  Edit #2: Can be used as support evidence to support raise etc


                              bought 2 ref for 0.16 USD, 0.08 each

                              more proof?

                                I appreciate it. If u have more proof feel free 2 link below. Thanks.

                                  sadly thats all i have

                                    Fine. With your trade u made valid now one seller surely for selling 0.08 USD.

                                      There's no proof apart from his own statement that it sold for 0.08, just saying. (No proof of the monetary transaction)

                                        Thats true. Dunno why you're getting disliked.

                                            Dead May May, but thanks for proving thanks for proving that a transaction happened.

                                              That literally doesn't mean anything, you could have changed the HTML anyways

                                                oh look another one

                                                  What else could you ask for? He provided the screenshot, that's all he needs.

                                                  Aight, that works.

                                                  Now that there are more sales supporting the high end, I'm leaning toward an upvote.

                                        Let's look at your proof here.

                                        Your sellers:

                               - 0 comments in the trade, 0 recent sales in refined - - up for at least 9 days

                               - 3 interested buyers in comments there. First one was definitely a sale at 0.07. Impossible to tell on the last two whether they sold for 0.07 or 0.08 because both sales happened in between the last accepted suggestion on January 1 where they were still selling for 0.07 and your first closed suggestion on January 8 where they were selling for 0.08.

                               - only one comment on January 4. Impossible to tell whether they were selling for 0.07 or 0.08 at the time for the same reason as above

                               - 0 comments since December when they were selling for 0.07, 0 sales here -

                               - It looks like they made one sale on January 8 -!/compare/1483833600/1483920000 - at 0.08

                                        Your sellers at 0.09 are meaningless here. No evidence of any sales and it isn't even in your range.

                                        Your buyers:

                               - your buyer at 0.07 reduced his price

                               - your other buyer at 0.07 closed the trade

                                        Lastly, your only real proof here is from opskins -

                                        Sales are all at 0.07-0.08 before fees which vary depending on the transaction, locations of the buyer/seller, etc. So before tax it may be 0.07-0.08, but after tax it will be about 0.06-0.08.

                                        More proof:

                               - seller at 0.06

                               - seller at 0.075

                                        So in summary, out of all sellers in the last 9 days, there seems to be only 1 sale at 0.08. When sellers listed their price at 0.07 before, there seem to have been several sales. The opskins average transaction value is probably closer to 0.07 flat when you take an average sale value on both the buyer and seller side. I'm still not sure there's enough evidence here.

                                          And last ref suggestion? Only 3 with very outdated listing get accepted for 0.07 USD? Also that 3 seller looking for 0.08 USD.

                                            Those same sellers were successful at selling at 0.07 but are not successful selling at 0.08. Unsolds at 0.08 is not proof that the price should be 0.08.

                                            Still, I'm willing to leave this up for a bit more to get more evidence. You could add those sellers to see if they sold any at 0.08.

                                            Actually the 0.06 seller dont have ref(7 ref only, woah big seller). The 0.075 seller is in the range. Also 0.07 Buyer counting the 0.06 seller. Buyer for 0.07

                                          how long is this gonna last

                                            When the Mods either accept this or decline this.

                                                A currency suggestion takes longer to accept. Besides the proof for $0.08 is not really that strong so the mods often wait for more sales to appear.

                                                Speaking of which, I've sold some refined metal in the past (when PayPal wasn't being a huge headache) for $0.08


                                                  Could you provide some proof? A link to a closed OP trade isn't really proof of anything.

                                                    Don't be such an ignorant dick. The trading community relies on them to rightfully accept and decline suggestions. This is an important suggestion because it is for currency, so mods need to consider it for a longer period.

                                                    Also, please learn to use understandable grammar.

                                                      When do ref sales become outdated?

                                                        Was waiting to see if the 8 cent sellers dropped back to 7 cents. Didn't happen. Willing to accept this now.