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Unique Refined Metal
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All information about the suggestion.

Poler suggested a resuggest.

Yes,I have a lot, but key is going down ,so ref should go up. This is also how balance working.

Tf2 outpost. Sellers at 0.08 USD or over: (0.08 USD) SOLD OUT ALL REF for 0.08. ONLY 58 left. (0.08 USD) SOLD OUT ALL REF. CHANGED FROM 0.07 USD TO 0.08 USD. 0.09 USD. 0.08 USD. 0.1 USD.

Also selling the ref for 0.1 USD.

1) Buyers for $0.07

4 More Sellers: 0.08 USD, 2 day ago bumped,1 year old trade. 0.09 USD 63 in stock. 0.08 USD 0.09 USD.

BY Polar :

Unfortunately, there's really no valid proof here. You need proof they are actually selling for 0.08. - for example look at the comments in your first trade. The only confirmation we have there is a purchase of 100 ref at 0.07 a few days ago. If anything it shows 0.07 should be in the range.

Your other sellers changed from 0.07 to 0.08. Sure. But you need proof that the sales they made were at 0.08 and not 0.07. The only proof you have here is for a sale at 0.07. So at the very least, 0.07 needs to be in the range.

Avatar polar

    Don't be lazy.

      Did u checked the link? There is all information about this vote..

      You need to provide your own evidence, son.

        I made the whole suggestion he just said 0.07-0.08 range is better.

          Then you create a suggestion providing evidence from your last suggestion as well as evidence that proves the range. You can't just link someone's suggestion comment as proof.

            Tired to talk with you. Do you know about how suggestions working? -.-

        Lazy suggestion is lazy, you should be able to copy and paste.

          There is still no proof for 0.08, downvote.

            Why you guys so angry when I have still valid Proof? I belive you got -9 dislike in the last one? Hmm

          I don't think you read carefully what I said in the last suggestion. I said you had no proof of 0.08. The only proof you had was 0.07. You will need to prove that sales are happening at 0.08. You can add some of those sellers and ask them provide screenshots. But as is, there's no proof of 0.08.