Price Suggestion
~3.77 ref
Unique Fallen Angel
28 votes up
36 votes down
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In B4 hate kappa

Young Seller at .77 (me)

Two Unsold at .77 (Mature Seller):

Seller Profile:

Buyers act as the bottom, demonstrating that it is worth at least .66

Buyers at .66 ref:


    downvote, countered your own lowend with quickbuyers

      How can you say they are quickbuyers, and how can you say that it is not worth equivalent or less than the seller

        because they're a bunch of well-known quickbuying bots... and they're paying .66 because they can flip it for more pretty easily?

    Unbumped. Close this. You also cant drop with a buyer.

      Hes been online since then, since hes gotten 0 offers at 0.77, it is pretty fair. Also, the range is there because that is where the buyers are, so if it is lower than 0.77, it must be at 0.66 or higher because there are buyers there

        It doesnt matter about if he/she has been online or not. Its about if its bumped. CLEARLY, it says it hasnt been bumped.

      I think .88 would be a better price.

        I was considering putting at 0.66-0.88, but since 0.77 has been around for a while, I felt that a range of 0.66-0.77 was better

        Don't include .66 in the range. You drop prices with sellers, not buyers.