Price Suggestion
~750 keys
Unusual Killer Exclusive Green Energy
26 votes up
33 votes down
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Requested by Gonger

Sale One!/compare/1483401600/1483488000

Max's Head + PE Le Party + Duped Stormy Pugilist's + TF Logo Mancer's + HG Glengarry +

Collector's Pro Ks Holy Mackerel + Bonzo Harmburg + Terror Watt Milkman + Burning Geezer +

Burning Outdoorsman + Swirl I See You + [email protected] Yellow Belt + Potassium Bonnett + Spec Ks Aussie Force a Nature +

[email protected] FR-0 + Isotope Brain Candy Pistol (MW) + Showstopper Oblooterated + Pro Ks Aussie Tomi + 200 Pure.

18 + 100 + 10 + 55 + 35 + 8 + 60 + 19 + 45 + 62 + 20 + 90 + 10 + 11 + 40 + 44 + 73 + 17 + 200

Duped Stormy Pugilist's Mini

No usable mini's

Clean seller at 10.17's%20Protector/Tradable/Craftable/29

Calling it 10

TF Logo Mancer's Mini!/compare/1481328000/1481414400

Added 5 keys for a Misty Skull Swatter

Current suggestion on the swatter for 61.5


Rounding to 55

HG Glengarry Mini!/compare/1482796800/1483142400

Sold for 35 pure

Taking 35

Collectors Pro Ks Holy Mackerel Mini's/Professional%20Killstreak%20Holy%20Mackerel/Tradable/Craftable/0

Seller at 8

Taking 8

Terror Watt Milkman Mini

Low tier

Taking 19

(Clean sellers at 19)

Burning Geezer Mini'%20Geezer/Tradable/Craftable/13

Clean seller at 45

Taking 45

Burning Outdoorsman Mini

Clean seller at 62

Taking 62

Spec Ks Aussie Force a Nature Mini

Lowest seller at 11

Taking 11

[email protected] FR-0 Mini

No sales on this hat that are usable

Taking his old buyout of 40

Showstopper Oblooterated Mini

No sales, one lister at 85.

Just calling it 73.

Pro Ks Aussie Tomi Mini

Lowest seller at 17

Taking 17

Total of 917

Rounding to 900 due to uncertainty on the FR-0

    Only one sale? Adding to 917 keys, not including an unpriced unusual so you make the suggestion 900? Seems logical lmfao

      Also, with at least 4 being for sale currently, how is it logical to use just one sale for the suggestion? Surely it makes sense to just wait for one of the various ones for sale to actually sell

        Honestly you should just assume its getting repriced. 1/1 recent sale, and you own it :c. A 40 key unpriced hat isn't gonna make or break the suggestion given how high value it is. However, this is gonna be open for a month to a) see if the fr0 sells and b) to see if you sell it. Tho lets be real price doesn't really matter on god-tiers, its 100% what others want to pay for it, and if you are getting offers around 1100 on it already this price suggestion means nothing. No need to overreact.

        This doesn't seem to far off the value of this hat, the minis seem alright - possibly a bit low on the mancer but then probably high on the Fr-0 and oblooterated. There's a number of unsuccessful sellers at 1000-1050 for ages and I remember Wayne trying to quicksell for 700 for a few weeks without any luck not that long ago.

        If this remains the only sale I don't see any reason for it to be incorrect as it's reporting the only recent sale.

        I'm going to remain neutral for now.

        You need screenshot of sellers, not links to the classified.

          Declined a Purple Energy Crones with A peace sign bot dogger [The price of the crones at 1015 keys was in date when the crones was offered]

          Also declined a frostbite KE and a duped burning modest.

          900 seems a bit low, doesn't it :)

            Sale one was sold the day it was tradeable. Quicksale? Probably. 4 clean ones on the market -

            Downvote from me

            down vote from me also, its "a" sale, but we need to see more sales around this price for me to see the price change.

                I fail to see why so many people are downvoting just because only one sale is present. I have updated numerous hats, including God tiers, using just one sale. There's also 4 sellers on the classifieds including one that is 50 keys under price so that also supports this suggestion. I recall Wayne was trying to sell his for 800 pure for a week or two as well and it didn't sell.

                  I myself offered around 1100 keys on Mishas KE but was rejected, that alone and the fact that the hat sold within 2 days of it becoming tradeable is enough to show that 900 keys is more of a quick sell. Additionally, a pure seller for 50 keys below the suggested price isnt support for a 150 key drop, neither is a seller for 800 pure since getting that much pure isnt an easy task.

                    unusual values are meant to reflect pure, not item value. If an item cant sell for 800 pure, it shouldn't be 1050 keys

                      Yet most of the hats on this site dont sell for the pure price theyre priced at, wonder why. Pure is way harder to come by so sometimes people will give crazy discounts for it, on the other side people will ask overpay in unusuals, so yes, if an item cant sell for 800 pure it can still be above 1050 and well beyond. (also calling people that have a different opinion "fangays" because you assume people only support him because hes famous and not because hes right (which, believe it or not, can be the case) isnt really the smartest thing to do)


                        Refer to Polar's comment, "The only fair way to compare value across items is by determining their pure value, not what they get paid in unusuals because the amount of overpay differs greatly based on the item." If an item cant get 800 pure, it wont get 1050 pure. Regardless of whether or not this suggestion is entirely accurate, 900 is definitely a better price.

                        You can't deny fact with your opinion of a youtuber, sorry

                          My offer of around 1100 got rejected, thats proof enough that 900 is invalid.

                          No idea what that sentence at the end is supposed to mean, might want to explain that

                            Perhaps you should obtain genuine knowledge about price suggesting before recklessly charging into the suggestion to defend your hero Pyrojoe

                              Perhaps you should obtaing genuine knowledge about humans before assuming everything.

                              By your logic, if a celebrity states a fact and anyone agrees with that fact, those people are just support that celebrity because he/she is a celebrity.

                              Not to mention that any person would realize that if someone rejects a higher ammount than what the item is getting priced that the price is too low, regardless of any knowledge about price suggestions, which isnt even required.

                                This is a price suggestion? Why am I meant to care about what you think when you feel the need to disregard the rules we believe to be sufficient for pricing items?

                    its because there are a ton of pyrojoe fangays swarming this suggestion after he told them to do so -_- they will dislike any comment that opposes him and will downvote this suggestion for sure

                      Yup. PyroJoe's comments have almost 30 likes when there not even correct. If there isn't another sale in the next month, this is gonna pass, whether his 'fanboys' downvote or not :p

                    Upvote from me. Sale seems good. And also joe? You shouldn't get your Fallopian tubes in a knot because a hat is getting priced based on the fact that you payed less than the current price.