Price Suggestion
~170 keys
Unusual Stainless Pot Something Burning This Way Comes
57 votes up
22 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy.

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1 of 2, other one hasn't moved in over a year.



Sold for a Hellfire Burning Bandana (72) + a Max's Head (18) = 90 keys

Mini for Bandana:


Only recent sale, not planning to resell the Pot.!/compare/1477699200/1477785600

    1:1 with a PS Guad(Open sugg @ 70).

    This may need a range.

    tricky case here with the guad situation; discussed the whole guad-pot situation it with other mods as well. 50 ended up being low for the bandana, so basing this off of the bandana will probably be fine as theres nothing else here to go by. The guad had that brief BO and when that trade happened, the bandanas only sale was the 50 one.

    With no other indicators and with this not being on the market anymore, this should suffice.