Price Suggestion
~260 keys
Unusual Company Man Scorching Flames
37 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Just got this, can't find any other clean sales

sold for:

156 keys pure + misty skull el jefe (145) + pro ks aus black box (21) + dead pres pencil (22) + blizzardy glove (15)

156 + 145 + 21 + 22 + 15


sellers B/O caps it at 300:!/compare/1482278400/1482710400!/compare/1482624000/1482710400

First ever unusual price suggestion, additional proof / feedback appreciated.

    Yup, upvote here.

    Even though the hats are outdated, they should still be over the buyout.!/compare/1481500800/1481587200 jefe mini?

      Pencil mini:!/compare/1480982400/1481328000 seller!/compare/1481241600/1481328000 buyer

      Sold with 8 keys for a Planets Pencil(27.5) = 19.5

      Glove mini:!/compare/1479513600/1479600000

      Sold for a Hot Professional Killstreak Low Profile SMG (Battle Scarred, 18) probably caps at sellers(15)