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~260 keys
Unusual Company Man Scorching Flames
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Just got this, can't find any other clean sales

sold for:

156 keys pure + misty skull el jefe (145) + pro ks aus black box (21) + dead pres pencil (22) + blizzardy glove (15)

156 + 145 + 21 + 22 + 15


rounding to 360 keys!/compare/1482278400/1482710400!/compare/1482624000/1482710400

First ever unusual price suggestion, additional proof / feedback appreciated.

    He's selling the El Jefe for 140, so that is a bit of a problem, and the pencil and glove are outdated and will need minis. Mini on that Black Box would be good too~

      The jefe is 4 days outdated, probably fine, although a mini would be good and the suggestor should keep an eye out for the seller.

      The black box should be ~20 keys because a seller on classies for 20.3, and no buyers counter. However, this is negligible because of the value of this trade, which is the same point i would make for the pencil and glove prices.

      Still, minis would make this suggestion a lot more solid.

    As said below, the outdated items are such a small portion of the trade this will probably be roundable to around 360, and this will probably get accepted as close enough. For future reference you do need minis for outdated hats, but not Aussies, contrary to what Konie said.

    I can confirm there are no other sales. Upvoting Seller had a b/o at 300 keys, so this will have to be capped at that. Please resuggest at 300 keys.