Price Suggestion
~13.5 keys
Unusual Plug-In Prospector Terror-Watt
74 votes up
13 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Why must all people keep on shooting and robbing

Why must must all people keep on killing and fighting

sale 1)!/compare/1479427200/1479513600

sold with 3 keys for a Starstorm Slumber Wide-Brimmed Bandito(15.5)= rounds to 13

sale 2)!/compare/1479081600/1481760000!/compare/1479168000/1479340800

sold for a Aces High Halogen Head Lamp= 14

mini: sold for a (11) and 3 keys in sweets=14!/compare/1481846400/1482019200

sale 3)!/compare/1477267200/1477353600 idk

sale 4)!/compare/1476144000/1476230400

sold for 13 pure