Price Suggestion
~64 keys
Unusual Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood Molten Mallard
76 votes up
14 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Jinglemeister.

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counter, cress to Xergoyf for the minis

sale 1)!/compare/1480723200/1480896000

Sold for a skills gotten gain hi-five taunt

no mini available, excluding

sale 2)!/compare/1481155200/1481241600

sold with 10 keys as sweets for a Miami Nights Chrome's Dome(89)= 79, rounding to 80


sale 3)!/compare/1479859200/1480204800

Sold for circling heart hot dogger= 83


rolling with 80-83

    Teamwork :p

      Lol thanks man,

      (since you made both suggestions, I'll give this to you if you want it, but id appreciate it if you let me have it)

        Meh as long as you credit me I don't really care. I hadn't posted it yet because I thought you were finding a mini for the taunt, but I guess there still are none.

    This looks a lot more realistic honestly.

    Theres another sale here for a peace chullo; may be best to use that for the chullo, but it support that the other one is low!/compare/1480464000/1480550400

      That really seems like an outlier, it's was higher that all three sales

        yeah the chullo could do with an update; its definitely not 115 looking at the sellers.

          The sale was actually the ninja hood + a knife I later resold for 30 keys (i think) for the chullo

    <3 Appreciate it man

      It went all well after all, Joe my dude

      Hey look it's the suggestion squad!

        Oh, wtf not "cress", i mean thanks, idfk how that happened