Price Suggestion
~8.5 keys
Unusual Taunt: Spent Well Spirits Spectral Swirl
75 votes up
2 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Hellas Pindakas.

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Sale 1) Sold for 18 Keys!/compare/1479168000/1479254400

Sale 2) Sold for 19 Keys!/compare/1479168000/1479254400 - Buyer's Backpack

Thanks for checking them all for me, Mindacos.

Sale 3) Sold for a Circling Peace Sign A Rather Festive Tree (23.5 Keys) + ~4 Keys of Items!/compare/1480464000/1481414400 - Buyer's Backpack

High Outlier

Sale 4) Sold for 16 Keys!/compare/1481587200/1481673600

    Seems good enough, up voted.