Price Suggestion
~2.39 ref
Unique Secret Saxton
45 votes up
49 votes down
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This suggestion was closed 11 months ago by Teeny Tiny Cat.

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Hi Y'all,

7 different buyers at 1.44 ref (most willing to buy as many as possible) Screenshot:

Profiles of buyers:

Current Sellers Support this change, everything 1.33 ref and below has been bought

Screenshot of Current Sellers:

If this is missing anything LMK, but I think I have been pretty thorough

You can't drop with buyers mate.

You need to show that 1.55 sellers don't sell

I dont bother keeping up a buy order but i regularly BUY them at 1.55 (its a good price). If needed ill try and find some proof.

    There's way too many sales at 1.55 and buyers at 1.44 for 1.44 flat to be considered valid, although the whole classifieds consists of 1.44 sellers now.

    A range on this should be okay given that the 1.55 sales are still valid, should the buyers provide them. Resuggest at 1.44-1.55.