Price Suggestion
~2.03 keys
Unique Earbuds
128 votes up
44 votes down
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This suggestion was closed 11 months ago by the submitter.

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I like Earbuds


Sold mine for 2 Keys

Sellers below 2 Keys

1.9 - Has 12 For Sale - Invalid

1.93 - Invalid


1.97 - Invalid

Due to Sellers <2 Keys being young the sale isn't countered

Taking a range

Buyers buy @ 1.85 so current price is countered

SCM Supports this Raise

Thanks =)

    You should probably check TF2 Outpost imo.

    remember when these were over 20 keys kinda like the max but then realized it's just a craft hat? LOL

      Except it is not a craft hat ;p

      I have one in trade hold for 2 keys atm. Dont think that should really be considered seeing he had trade hold though, but still

        Should I Close up btw, Buyers now @ 1.9 (Guessing buyer @ 2 is invalid?) And Sellers all @ 2 Keys, Would 2 be better here?

          I dunno here. Id wait from another mod's input

            So far I have bought 3 earbuds at 59 ref

            And I have quicksold 1 earbud for 2 keys (sold after 6-8 hours up)


            Another buyer appeared at 2 keys and the bots seem to be offering more as well. I would re suggest at 2 keys flat.

              Erik remove ur sale at 1.96 keys, i assume you just forgot to remove it seeing as you are now buying for 2.07 keys

          I would personally resuggest at 2 flat with the status of the current classifieds in consideration, yeah.