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Unique Refined Metal
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This suggestion was accepted 11 months ago by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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    Pretty sure the last 2 op links changed their buyouts recently, but i think this suggestion is still solid.

      seems valid, a ref is being created so much in such a little time. The more you have, the less it would cost. But, Valve needs to create something to eat them up and make them more balance. The next day, they would cost $.01. I got an idea on how to fix it, but I have no skill in making it and submitting it to SWS ;-;

        All of them still have refined in stock and are still selling for 0.07 USD each. This looks good now.

        Compared to other sales, only 3 very outdated listings doesn't add up the fact to change a vital bit of currency for the worse.

          Just wondering if $0.08 should be included in range:

 ----- Someone was willing to buy for $0.08.

 ----- Apparently sold some for $0.08

 ----- Buyer for $0.08, no idea if he is still buying, but the trade is open and auto-bumped.

          And then there is (;6%22 ), but not sure if that's considered valid or not.

              After taking a look at Mindacos' comment here ( ), i can pretty much assume that mods haven't stated that marketplace is 100% invalid. It's just not usable as the only source of proof. This has been discussed already, so doesn't make much sense to do it again.

              My point is that most of the sellers for $0.07 lowered their price less than a week ago, and the sales for $0.08 from the previous suggestion are still valid.

                Mindacos got that wrong though, the exact reasoning behind why it's invalid is explained here:

                While I do understand your point I still don't believe $0.08 should be included in the range, it's basically a few old sales and a few new but unconfirmed sales versus ~800 Refined metal's available for $0.07. The market for Refined changes quickly (as shown by the whole cent drop over the course of a single week) which is why I feel like older sales should be disregarded completely. Just like a week old key sale won't be usable to define the range for keys a few week old Refined sales shouldn't be usable to define the range for Refined.

                  If you remove the numbers. Where do you think Refined should head?

                  Up, or down?

                    Down, because more refined is brought into existence for free. The supply will go up higher and higher.

                    Basic supply and demand.

                      months old, though.

                    You haven't any actual sales and the 1700+ ref sales from the last suggestion are still valid. Why is this suggestion not closed yet?

             sells hundreds a day for $0.08, downvote from me

                                Seller @0.06:

                                Supports the drop, my upvote stands.

                                  Is selling 21 refined, a total value of a whopping $1.26.

                                  Jesus that is really compelling proof... If only there was a place where refined was sold in quantities valuing almost 800$ PER WEEK people might be able to argue against such a slam dunker.


                                  It should also be made aware to voters that a seller at 0.07 included in the original post has increased his price to 0.08.

                         - 0.07 [3 Months] --- [Now 0.08]

                                  Edit: In fact... as I look through the original posters links..... these sellers don't exactly have much refined at all?

                         ... has 9 refined... a value of $0.63

                         ... has 22 refined ... a value of $1.76

                                  I am struggling to see how such a small quantity of refined being sold constitutes as adequate proof to change the valuation of refined.

                                    They had much more stock previously, which means there were tons of sales @0.07.