Price Suggestion
~14 keys
Unusual Electric Escorter Circling Peace Sign
633 votes up
77 votes down
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only one of these has been sold recently, and 10 times... (not all traceable tho)

sale 1) sold for a Potassium Bonnett (9.5) and 15 ref= 10 keys!/compare/1480291200/1480464000

sale 2) sold for a Blizzardy Storm Samur-Eye(19)+1.5 keys in sweets=rounding to 20 outlier!/compare/1480550400/1480636800

sale 3) sold for 9 keys+ 10 ref + sweets = rounding to 10 keys!/compare/1480377600/1480464000

rolling with 10 flat

    Ah yeah I was gonna do this but um "forgot"

    i bought one for 8 and sold it for 20 a long time ago lol

    Not usable. Upvote :D

      Whole lotta votes

        Surprised nobody has done any digging into this. There is a couple of issues here.

        1) Sale 3 is from a scammer alt. See the two red names in the history? The guy with those alts also owns the alt (not-banned yet) above. Funnily enough this guy was on Vatican frequently about a month ago, and I kept trading him to offer, realizing only after I backpacked him he was an alt of the same scammer. That happened twice xD

        2) The histories on the Potassium don't match. The ref does, so my theory is that he quicksold the hat for pure, and spent it on the potassium. He probably qsed it for 10, (sold in 1 day) and bought the potassium (9.5 at the time) with a leftover 15 ref. That would make it a quicksale, and unusable.

        So that leaves only sale 2 to use. Yes, 20 looks a bit high, but its the only usable sale here. You could wait for more sales but the current owner looks inactive so you wouldn't really be waiting for anything. If Zeus can provide proof of his 20 sale (probably super outdated, but would support 20), that would help cement the value, but id go 20 flat here.

          Well the person that bought it for the samur has had it on the SCM for ~12-14 keys for a while. He removed it again to list it on the classifieds

 Courtesy of Mindacos (Im not familiar with the currency and its value, but he said that it would be around 12-14 keys). He actually listed that to indicate that the suggested price would be low if it ended up selling, but it definitely makes 20 look high. I personally think more will be needed here

!/compare/1483920000/1484179200 resold for bubbling spartan + key. Spartan needs a mini. Going to close this up for now, but feel free to try again when a mini is provided. It may technically be better to wait for another sale, but 10 will be too low here.