Price Suggestion
~60 keys
Unusual Rotation Sensation Disco Beat Down
67 votes up
15 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Foamy.

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Disco Beat Down Rotation Sensation

Was gonna update the Circling TF Logo Tipped Lid but whatever, this oughta suffice.

Sale 1:

Sold for a Circling TF Logo Tipped Lid.!/compare/1477353600/1477440000

Sale 2:

Sold for a Burning Flames Professional's Panama and a Subatomic Universal Translator.!/compare/1477872000/1477958400

Seems really high.

Sale 3:

Sold for a Purple Energy Noble Amassment of Hats.!/compare/1477958400/1478044800

Was used in the suggestion for that but it was an insignificant part of the range. Using here.

Sale 4:

Sold for 90 keys.!/compare/1473811200/1473897600

Sale 5:

Sold with what'd probably be 2.5 keys in items for a Starstorm Insomnia Winter Woodsman.!/compare/1478044800/1478995200

Usable for that, likely.

Sale 6:

What the ****?!/compare/1473033600/1473120000

Sale 7:

Something close to ~85 keys or whatever.!/compare/1472860800/1472947200

A sale at 75 keys, two sales around 85 keys, and a pure sale at 90 keys. I could go with 75-90 keys, with the first sale usable for the Tipped Lid or whatever and the fifth sale usable for that Winter Woodsman.