Price Suggestion
~22.5 keys
Unusual Whirly Warrior Miami Nights
49 votes up
7 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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Miami Nights Whirly Warrior

Slight raise

Sale 1:!/compare/1475280000/1475366400

Sold with a key for a Disco Beat Down Respectless Rubber Glove (20, indate) + a Bills Hat (2)

20 - 1 + 2 = 21

X = 21

Sale 2:!/compare/1476489600/1476576000

Sold for an Orbiting Fire A Rather Festive Tree (24, see mini below)

X = 24

Sale 3:!/compare/1476576000/1476748800

Sold for a Disco Beat Down Glasgow Great Helm (22.5, indate)

X = 23 (rounded)


Orbiting Fire A Rather Festive Tree

No usable sales; seller at current price (~1 week). Note the seller at 20 is young and duped.

X = 24

Using all sales.

Final Price: 21-24 keys

    Pretty good man upvote =)