Price Suggestion
~40 keys
morning glory
Unusual Heavy Duty Rag Morning Glory
75 votes up
2 votes down

This suggestion was accepted 9 months ago by A Delicious Cashew™ #Vacation but another suggestion has been accepted since.

The price listed on this suggestion is no longer valid. Check out the newer accepted suggestion for this item.

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Top of the Mornin' to ya.

Sale 1) Sold for a Green Energy Stainless Pot (45+ Keys)!/compare/1475798400/1475884800 - Capped by the Buyout of 45 Keys

Given the comments on the Stainless' open suggestion, I'd say it's worth over 45 Keys.


Sale 2) Bulk Sale for an Electrostatic Crone's Dome!/compare/1470700800/1470873600

Sale 3) Sold for a Circling Hearts Respectless Rubber Glove (37.5 Keys) + 6 Keys!/compare/1470960000/1471046400

37.5 + 6 = 43.5, which rounds to 44 Keys

Respectless Mini!/compare/1472688000/1472947200 - Sold for a KaW Wet Works (20 Keys) + MN Hive Minder (17.5 Keys)


Sale 4) Sold for a Catastrophic Companions (24) + 12 Keys!/compare/1471305600/1471392000

24 + 12 = 36 Keys