Price Suggestion
~30 keys
Unusual Fed-Fightin' Fedora Disco Beat Down
34 votes up
12 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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Pretty Unusual.

Sale #1

Sold for 30 keys!/compare/1469664000/1469750400

Sale #2

Sold for a Mallard Swag (35) + 10 keys = 45 keys, B/O was 34 keys

Creds to Julia for telling me about this.

Sale #3

Sold for P.Energy Ol' Geezer(30 keys)!/compare/1475280000/1475366400

Mini for Ol' Geezer

Sold for S.s. Gym Rat(11 keys) + 23 keys = 34 keys, had a b/o of 30 keys!/compare/1471996800/1472083200


Feedback/Criticism would be much appreciated.