Price Suggestion
~76.5 keys
Unusual Prince Tavish's Crown Sunbeams
91 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Sunbeams Prince Tavish's Crown

1 year old price, expected a drop

Sale 1:!/compare/1471824000/1471910400

damn thats low

Sale 2:!/compare/1468540800/1468627200

1:1 Burning Whoope

// 74

Sale 3:!/compare/1468108800/1468368000!/compare/1468195200/1468281600


supportive dupe sale creds @Minda

sold with 10 keys for a Burning Fro, would need a mini but I doubt the Fro is stable looking at the sellers so yeah

No other recent sales on clean versions of this hat so yeah, 74 flat it is