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The Dapper Disguise
Submitted by Bodomi
Unique Dapper Disguise
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Since when is this tradeable?

    There's been tradable versions of this one for a while but;

    This item is rather strange because it seems there are only 2 in existance(existence).. While previously there were around 20.

    Salvage ยท posted 4 months ago

    Only 2 instances of this item exist, I think this should be classified as a glitch/extremely rare item and should only be priced using sales (if the unlikely case of a sale ever happening again occurs) since the possibilities of the buyer ever succeeding are extremely close to 0% raising this with buyers would only lead to this being raised higher and higher to an absurdly high value using new buyers that will appear constantly. Yes, I am fully aware that I made a very simular suggestion just a while ago but I looking back at it now it shouldn't have been accepted. I remeber a case that was pretty simular to this were the suggestion was also declined for the exact reasons stated above, I'll do some research and link it once I find it.


    Not entirely the same situation but fairly simular.


      One who pretends to be what he is not; one who, or that which, simulates or counterfeits something; a pretender; false; specious; counterfeit

        That's not the same situation at all, the reason they were declined was because it was pricing a common item (non-tradable spook speks/haunted metal scrap) based on sales of an uncommon item (pre-wrapped non-tradable spook speks/haunted metal scrap.) All of these are the same and tradable, they're just rare. The buy order argument wasn't the reason it was closed.

        eh, just because it's rare doesn't mean that it can't be raised with buyers/lowered with sellers.

        Btw another seller at ~1 key:



        The only reason why those other suggestions probably got closed was because there was a zero chance that it would ever be sold again. If you could provide proof that they won't ever get sold again, then it should be closed. If there is no proof that they will/won't be sold again, this should be fine.

        Extremely rare items like these should be treated like Unusuals when it comes to buy orders. Both of these are stuck with collectors as others have stated, and won't ever resell, making any sort of raise extremely arbitrary.

        This would be similar to someone making a buy order of 500 Keys for a Bubbling Valhalla Helm. Only one exists and will ever exist, and it's stuck with a collector who won't EVER resell it. It doesn't mean that because of that buy order it should be worth that much.

        That said, there's no point on raising an item that very clearly won't resell. Anyone can put up a buy order for one of these without ever needing to actually buy one, and it would create an endless span of pointless suggestions. Unless there's SALES, suggestions like these are invalid, and will not be accepted. This will apply to every single collectable rarity that's priced or not, for example: