Price Suggestion
Haunted Bozo's Bouffant
Submitted by Salvage
~1.5 keys
Haunted Bozo's Bouffant
90 votes up
37 votes down
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2x @2.33

This is not a <5% change, 2.22/100*5 = 0.111, this means that a change that isn't <5% has to be 0.111 ref or larger. Since items are valued in ref and 3 rec are 1 ref every rec is worth exactly 0.333333... (1/3 = 0.3333...) and not 0.33. This means that this change is exactly 0.111111....

    Just thought I put this here : SCM supports, upvote.

      One of the buyers at 2.33 has raised his buying price to 2.44.

        Eh, it's a new one, still valid though. Resuggesting.