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Strange Professor Speks
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As untradable items can only be traded if they are already gift wrapped you can expect the price to raise quite a bit.

Buyer @1 key:

    I don't think buyers are gonna cut it for this. because it basically depends if there are any of these that are wrapped . It's just my opinion but good luck with the suggestion :)

      I honestly don't know either.

    If this suggestion doesn't pass( ), then this suggestion has literally 0 chance of passing.

    I could make a buy order for an untradable wrapped halloween hat at 1000 keys and possibly never get one, but that wouldn't really warrant a suggestion for it unless I actually bought one.

      I honestly think that that suggestion (and possibly mine) will pass, I mean, otherwise all untradable items could just have their prices removed as they would only cause confusion.

      i would buy it if u give reasonable price man

        As stated in the suggestion Mindacos linked above, only the gift wrapped version of this item should get a price, not the untradable regular version.

          The gift wrapped version of this item isn't listed on the site though, since untradable items can't be traded anyways anymore I feel like it would be best to value the actual untradable items as their giftwrapped version would.

          You know I can just make an alt then buy the strangifier kit for cheaper than this? It makes no sense paying 1 key while I can get 1 for several refs

            Why pay 1000 keys for an unusual when you could unbox the same unusual with only one key?

              Because it's not for sure, he has a point here

                Alright let me make it into a slightly more tangible outcome

                Several strangifier kits for the Boston Boom Bringer exist. Most of them require about 5-8 ref to craft. The Boston itself costs 2.44, strange 13. So why do people pay 13 ref for the complete item as opposed to ~7-10 ref for its components?

                Incidentally the reason is almost always laziness.

                I don't agree with this suggestion as generally i would assume all untradable items should have their prices wiped as a result of the gift wrap update, but the logic above applied to not considering human activity involvement in creation of such an item or the general availability of the already completed item is incorrect (the original comment)

                  also maybe the person buying it just wants two pairs. who knows

                  also I agree with most of the comments saying don't price it, I would price the wrapped counterpart and if you can't then don't change the price at all

            I Agree with this if they will make it a key!!!

            And also the Professor speks strangifier needs to raise the cost..

              We're counting this as a glitched item. Not going to give all of these a value of 1 key based on the very few (if any) that are already pre-wrapped.