Price Suggestion
~49 keys
Unusual Tyrantium Helmet Electrostatic
85 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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2 years outdated

1 of 1.

Sale #1!/compare/1459382400/1460160000

Sold for GE Data Mining -> 36 keys high-end

Sale #2!/compare/1459555200/1459641600

Sold with 3 keys for a Peace Towering Pillar of Hats (outdated)

x + 3 = 38 -> 35 keys low-end

Mini on Towering ~ 38 keys : B/O 38, sold for 30 keys + NnB Belt!/compare/1458630000/1458716400 Taunt 38

Sale #3!/compare/1459728000/1459814400

Sold for a Blizz Hot Dogger, dafuq? outlier

Any pertinent comments are welcome.

    The Blizz. Hot Dogger sale is probably because of all the all-class hype around that hat :P

      me selling 1:1 for Hot Dogger the all class price 50 key

        price Just = 35-50 key because hot dogger price 50 key

          I don't see any proof showing that the hot dogger is worth 50 (update was a few days ago, more sales will be required to estimate its price) The first two sales are close enough to each other, leaving as it is. The 3rd sale could be used for pricing the hot dogger later.

          (Alt of "ghost soldier" spotted btw)