Price Suggestion
Collector's A Brush with Death
Submitted by L Saille
~200 keys
Collector's A Brush with Death
94 votes up
10 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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I must be a master negotiator or something. Still in the early days of sellers remorse.

    Dead of Night?


        Yes, I sold my Collector's Dead of Night for $2500. Currently splurging to feel better about it.

        >when Raven buys these for cheap and doesn't tell anyone until right before he buys it/

        Not like I have the money anyways, lmao. Stay sexy~


        UPVOTED!! And congrats ravenholmzombies if you still remember me, like I know you 1-2 years ago when I started selling you my collector chem sets. You was like …. last time and BOOM now.. Congrats!! Hopefully you still remember me but I don't think you would.

          Vaguely yes. You could say I've expanded my collection somewhat since then.

            Why in the world are you being downvoted. :(