Price Suggestion
~55 keys
Unusual Team Captain Blizzardy Storm
69 votes up
23 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 2 years ago by polar.

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Sale #1!/compare/1458457200/1458543600 - 100 pure - creds to Apothic

Sale #2

Sold for ~70 keys on SCM (2 months old) -

Sale #3

Duped bliz tc sold for 70.

Sale #4!/compare/1457251200/1457337600 - sold with 6 pure, strange summer shades, and ~2 keys in sweets. creds to Apothic + Marty

x+15= ~72

x=57 - too low, outlier.


Going with 70-100. Low end is supported by sales #2 and #3. High end supported by sale #1.

Creds to Foamy for his help!

      Stop this madness, this guy been resuggesting enough, what is 10th time's the charm?