Price Suggestion
The Sticky Jumper
Submitted by Hacer
~0.11 ref
Unique Sticky Jumper
75 votes up
23 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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It seems like for some people. Selling it at 0.11 is easy but for others, its a pain in the arse

Unsold @0.11 (120 in stock... Has not sold a single one to my knowledge)

Selling @0.05



1 unbumbed @0.05

9 unsolds @0.11


One and only buyer @0.05

Backup proof:

Scrap.TF sells them 1:1 at 0.05

1 sticky bomb launcher in both little scrappy and count scapula at the time of making this suggestion (I will post any more that I find)

There's very, very little proof for 0.05. 35 links at 0.11 on Outpost alone vs. one or two sellers over a couple of trading sites. If we left this up, a few of those 0.11 links would definitely sell. Also, we're looking for common trading points, and I doubt 0.05 is one.

    Well, that's not totally fair to do on weps because you could say the same thing for any weapon - since everyone sells weps for a scrap. What really defines the value here is how easy they are to sell at a scrap. For most weapons, if we left the trades up for a week, maybe one or two would sell. We can revisit in a week to see how easy it actually is to sell at a scrap. If only one or two have sold, this should be fine.

      it's been a week

    If the suggestion for a straight 0.05 was too much for people, I don't see how anyone couldn't support a range. The scrap bots seal it. There's 15-20 available right now for 0.05.