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Catastrophic Companions
Submitted by stewie2k
~117 keys
Unique Catastrophic Companions
91 votes up
34 votes down
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Can confirm I sold one of mine for 27 in less than a day, might rise my price soon

    Thanks for the confirmation :)

    Multiple sales in the last suggestion at 25 are still valid. That suggestion was based on sales.

      cashew quicksold one for 27

      i think quicksell kinda counters it

        Well considering how one sold at 27 within >6 hours and 2 days, doesn't that counter it?

        Sometimes people get lucky. Maybe this should be 25-30. There were 2 or 3 sales at 25 and a sale at 30, I believe, in the last suggestion. He went with 25 flat because there were two sellers at 27 and 28 in classifieds. Either way. Those sales are fresh. I'm going to be closing this up soon at 27 flat. Buyer at 25 lol

        27 flat seems fine, though 26-27 wouldn't be too bad either.

        if one sold for 26, doesnt that put it in the range? at least for now?

          The fact that one quicksold for 27 in under 6 hours counters that. Either way this is messy af so it's probably best to wait altogether

            yeah im thinking if we wait a bit longer a few more sales could come around.

          oh god no :0

            Bought one for 27

            Trade was up for ~40 mins


              Thanks for the supportive proof :)