Price Suggestion
Catastrophic Companions
Submitted by Discovery
~117 keys
Unique Catastrophic Companions
99 votes up
36 votes down
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With the voltage of an eel, truth I reveal

will crush the amateurs who scream they keep it real.

People are accepting these as a secondary currency o_O

Buyers at 23 keys - young

Buyers at 22 keys - 1 month

Classifieds at the time of posting: ->

x3 at 23 keys (at least 1 is valid)


Evidence for 23 keys seem a bit weak, but since SCM supports a raise and the fact there are no valid sellers anywhere near the current price, I think a raise is needed. Taking 23 keys as the new price.

Additional/Supportive and Counter Evidence is always appreciated.

Discovery out ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

If there was anything else but Catastrophic Companions(and keys & buds) used as secondary currency, then what should it be?

(also, the Catastrophic Companions doesn't really suit as secondary currency.)

    There are now total of 4 buyers at 23 keys ->

    2 of them are in fact buying for more than 23 keys

    Here are also some offers on one's trade:

    Image ->

    Some of the offers are:

    Max - 2 keys so 25 keys

    24 pure

    Unusual worth ~30 keys

    28 keys pure

    There is clearly support for a price increase

      and my sugestion had one that sold instantly for 25 pure and my brother also bought one for a maxes and the guy added 2 pure (25)

        Looks like this should be 25 flat.

          Whoops, didn't see that suggestion. There also seems to be a pure sale at 30 keys. I'm guessing 25-30?

            Where's the sale at 30?

              One of the comments from Candyman's suggestion.


                Eh. I'm not sure. That was a week ago and there are a few sellers under 30 now. You can go 25-30 and we can wait and see what happens or you can go conservative with two sales at 25