Price Suggestion
~800 keys
Unusual Corona Australis Ancient Codex
28 votes up
23 votes down
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This suggestion was closed automatically because another price suggestion was accepted instead.

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I'm not too sure how Jack's suggestion went through, but oh well. Since nobody checked the proof themselves, I guess this has to happen.

As seen here:

Bob bought it for "300 keys". It seems that only 280 keys or so were actually used.

If you check the histories of the rest of the items listed in that "sale", you'll see that they were other items that Ms.Moey were selling. These were not actually included in the trade for the Corona Australis whatsoever.


Burning Rotation:

Here is the outpost trade:

Normal Batsaber:

Energy Orb Thunderbolt:

Outpost trade:

As you can see, all of these items were originally owned by Ms. Mooey. The way Ms. Mooey gets all of these items is from the SCM off of new unboxers and people selling their items cheap on the market. That is also how he got the Corona. Thus, it is more than safe to say that none of the items that were included in that sale were actually IN the sale.

If I did anything wrong in this price suggestion, please feel free to resuggest it. I literally don't care about the reputation points all that, I just don't want misinformation being spread.

Thank you all, and have a wonderful Christmas/happy Holidays!

I'll file this away in my 'proof that suggestions are not vetted for accuracy at all file'

hilarious though

500 keys of 'value' out of thin air

    Yeah I actually don't know how he managed to do that. I've got some likely unpopular opinions about the pricing suggestion system that I'm sure if I vocalized would piss off people, but stuff like this kinda cements my beliefs lol.

    280 CS:GO keys is 310 tf2 keys so close and suggest at 310 keys

    I asked Bob to comment. I deserve any and all crap I get for accepting the last one. It was up for a month and then resuggested, and I had imagined in that time if a mistake was made it would have been pointed out either by the buyer or someone else. Foolishly didn't even check the trade.

      Hey man, I'm not here to **** talk anyone. Mistakes happen, as long as it gets fixed I'm cool with it. Thanks for the headsup Polar.

        Well, people still deserve to know wtf the mod who accepted it was thinking. We have accepted many suggestions involving purchases by Bob in the past, and they have typically been as straightforward as they come because (1) they are in pure and (2) he hates having his hats unpriced, so he either makes a suggestion himself or gets someone to make one for him. I assumed that's what had happened here. So I saw the trade history, I pointed out some issues on some of the items in the suggestion up for a month, but completely missed the elephant in the room. All the mods were talking about how insane the price was, but everyone completely missed the boat.

          Eh, no worries. My incredible ability at being a naggy dick saved the day once again (or something like that)