Price Suggestion
Catastrophic Companions
Submitted by Goosegle
~117 keys
Unique Catastrophic Companions
64 votes up
62 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by indy and her jones.

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Definitely need a rise. Just not to 21 in my opinion.

Backpack at the time of this post:

Buyers 20 keys:

Offer of 20 keys very recently (seller declined 18 pure):

SCM also supports the rise.

    I get its a rare item, but your evidence seems kind of lacking

      No sales on backpack, only 3 sellers on tf2outpost.

      1 page of buyers on tf2outpost, I have eliminated all 19 keys buyers because 20 keys buyers make them invalid.

        It would still be helpful to include buyers at 18 and 19, as they are supporting evidence that the current price is too low.

      Buyer @ 20 In Classifieds:

        Really man? suggesting after I was suggesting?

          Counter suggestion (ノ´▽`)ノ

          Just to support, here's two declined offers of 22 keys:

            I wont afford the cats :C

              This is more of a conservative raise for now until there are more sales. SCM supports this and there are a ton of buyers at 18+