Price Suggestion
~21 keys
Unusual Executioner Green Confetti
122 votes up
7 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Jacobmeister.

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Sale 1

Sold for duped cloudy moon honcho's headgear = 130 * 0.9 = 117 keys

Seller before: (November 2nd)

Seller after: (November 4th)

Compare link:


Sale 2

Sold for duped midnight whirlwind rock, paper scissors = 105 * 0.9 = 95 keys

Seller before: (November 1st)

Seller after: (November 2nd)

Compare link:


Sale 3

Sold for molten mallard deep cover operator = 80 keys not applying overpay, based on comment it appears seller expressed interest in the deep cover operator, plus it was updated with a pure sale anyway

Seller before: (October 12th)

Seller after: (October 13th)

Compare link:


Seller: 110 keys, 1 month


Based on the seller at 110 going unsold, 117 seems like an outlier. Feedback welcome

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