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~115 keys
Collector's Cool Cat Cardigan
88 votes up
8 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by -».•´Woifilicious`•.«-.

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Perpetual rise of the Collector's Cosmetics! Rejoice, red text lovers (assuming you own them of course...)

Let’s try something a little more fiddly.

There were two sales on this in one hour.

The first from this trade:

for the following:

Backpack history supports this:



Trade contents were: Clean Circling Heart Kabuto (92) + Pro Australium Flame Thrower (sales on SCM seem to centre around $60:

which in SCM terms of key value (after tax) is $2.35/$51 = 21 keys so 21 which I’ll treat as pure) + a Collector’s Blutsauger (4), BMOC (4.2) , #52 Ticket Boy (I’ll treat as 3 keys as it’s not a substantial portion of the trade) + 1 more key in random stranges/kits/ sweets.

So 21 pure + 104 x 0.9 = 94, so a total of 115 keys.

Second sale was from that buyer less than an hour later, to me.

He sold it alongside the #50 Deep Cover Operator for my Strange Collector’s Toss-Proof Towel.

As the towel price is outdated, I’ll use this suggestion, provided it all seems mathematically sound to update the Toss-Proof Towel in turn.