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~60 keys
Unusual Rotation Sensation Disco Beat Down
151 votes up
16 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Genta; pricing things so you don't have to.

SALES: Sold for C9 Neckwear (Outdated at 100, mini at 90)

90 * 0.9 = 81

Histories: Sold for Miami Gibus (Outdated at 72.5, mini at 75) + Planets Flamenco (Outdated at 14.5, mini at 14)

91 * 0.9 = 81.9 (rounding to 82)


Neckwear mini: Sold for Scorching Napper

Capped at B/O of 90

Using 90.

Gibus mini: ->

Capped at B/O of 75.

Using 75.

Flamenco mini: Sold for NnB Whirly (~17)

17 * 0.9 = B/O of 14

Using 14.

Let it ride.

    The suggestion critic, the new youtube sensation?

    Im so hoping that intro is actually a nostalgia critic reference now

      I hate nostalgia critic. I can't stand him


      hm, I just checked this because I saw it being used on a suggestion; didnt realize there was already a suggestion up on it until I posted. (used histories Woifi provided on a suggestion: )

      Guess Ill leave the findings from it here:

        Hmm. Logo Rotation needs a drop, that's probably supportive.

        Scorching Ketche at 100? Lol what

        Thanks though :3

          drr its a fez, for some reason I mix up those hats ;-;

            Ah, a'ight. Well, this could stand to be 80 to 100 I guess, but with three sales at ~80 and one at 100, I think this is probably better :3

              basing the high end on the logo rotation is probably not the best to do in this case when I see these lower sales, but Id say that sale should still be above 80.

              Total sales would be




              - logo rotation +aus flame should be inbetween here somewhere


              100+ (that gifted cone sale, taking clean cone value it'd be ~150)

              Id say its worth stretching to 80-95 based on that, but Ill leave it up to you here :P

                I honestly wouldn't put the logo rotation above 65 right now. I'll check later (currently buried in essays due tomorrow -_-), but my gut rarely steers me wrong, after nearly 1500 unusual suggestions I kinda have a feel for this XD

                Not so sure about 100 on the Fez either, there's a couple of 100 B/Os have have been unsold for a little while.

                Gifted cone I'd assume was overpay because gifted. I mean, like, yuck.

                  yeah I'd most definitely not use that cone sale here :P Ill trust your feelings and let you to it for the rest, good luck ;p

                    Trust your instincts! Do a barrel roll!

          I made a rough mini on that rotation some time back here at 75-82 -

          I guess with the stuff added the sale will come out to around 90. What do you say, 80-90, guys?

            Pretty close to what I guessed initially

              Not going to leave this up longer. Feel free to counter