Price Suggestion
~11 keys
Unusual Capo's Capper Nuts n' Bolts
156 votes up
5 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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"I work so hard in arranging the blocks"

Guess I can just as well update this too. 2 years outdated

The sales

Sale 1:

Sold with spec frying pan (~1.5) and other sweets (~0.5) for strange pda (~8.5) + spec diamond botkiller scattergun (~4.5)

B: before after

S: before after confirmation from the buyer

8.5+4.5-1.5-0.5 = ~11

-> 11 keys


Cant find any other valid/clear/usable sales on this. 11 flat should be fine.

Constructive criticism welcome!

~Foamy :3