Price Suggestion
~167 keys
Unusual Magnificent Mongolian Knifestorm
123 votes up
3 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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"I am the man who arranges the blocks" one of these again

Ive been requested this a few days ago, but havent really had time for it before.

~~~~ Requested by ★PootisLegacy★, the current seller of this hat ~~~~

Credits to him for providing help in some of the minis

The sales

Sale 1:

Sold for mallard mongolian (~22) + NnB capos capper (~11) + planets handymans (~9) + bruisers bandana (~1) before after

0.9*(22+11+1) + 9 (mini pure) = ~40

-> 40 keys

The minis

Mini mongolian:

Sold + max (~28) + miami rouser (~34 reselling price) for RA western (~53) + pro aussie wrench (~32) before after

Not the best mini, but oh well

53+32 -28-34 = ~23

Current seller is selling for 22

Taking 22

Mini capper:

Sold with spec frying pan (~1.5) and other sweets (~0.5) for strange pda (~8.5) + spec diamond botkiller scattergun (~4.5)

B: before after

S: before after confirmation from the buyer

Taking 11

Cant find any other sales on this, may put this up as suggestion as the hat needs a refresh badly.

Mini handy:

Sold for 8 keys and like half a key in ref? was asking 9 before after

I could find that much in matching itemIDs but the histories are untrackable..

Close enough to 9.


Only other recent sale was bulk for tw mohawk. 40 flat should do.

The clean one has not sold in over 3 years. its technically for sale on classifieds at the moment, but has only been swapped between him and his storage for ages.

Technically this is lowering based on a duped sale, but the old suggestion is over two years old, and the hats it sold for back then would now be 25-35 in current values (counting buds at their old prices, roughly). Its value holds no ground whatsoever, and even the seller himself has requested this update, since he'd rather see the hat updated based on what it has sold for rather than having it two years outdated. Since the value is extremely close to the old value, I guess it should do in this case.

Constructive criticism welcome!

~Foamy :3

    mongolian s duped

      Im aware :P reasoning is described below the sale

        got it but as i see there clean 1 for sale in classifieds so idk tbh. Im really happy that 1 of my sales not an outlier in your eyes >:>

          Yeah, was in doubt as well and told the guy that requested it that that may be a problem, but seeing how its barely a "drop" compared to this 2 year old price I guess it may actually be okay, especially since the clean one has no sales in 3 years

            Essentially a resuggest so I think this is okay