Price Suggestion
Stout Shako
Submitted by Elektro
~1.5 ref
Unique Stout Shako
5 votes up
47 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as no evidence and closed by aaroncsn.

No evidence was supplied in this price suggestion, therefore it has been closed. Please read up on how to create a suggestion before creating a new suggestion.

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Because, this is a good hat and i don't know how you can change it for only 1.66 ref. Please change it like before :3

    Where is your proof? You need proof in order to change a price.

    How come this is not 2 refined already. :^)

      Ya need proof that lots of people are selling it for 2 ref to suggest a price of 2 ref.

        Proof that lots of people are BUYING it for 2 ref.*

        Sellers can not be used to raise a price, you need sales.

        If this has anything to do with stout shako for 2 refined i'm shooting up a school

          aaaaaaand now you are on a list.

            As if I wasn't already... a decade ago.

            *insert x-files music here :^) *

          you need proof, not ****ty logic

          close this and read the rules to learn how to make a suggestion

            you already have one proof less suggestion. I would have thought you learned your lesson and at least figured out how to make a suggestion

              People learning?! Surely you jest.

              You just want to bait a wave of memes, don't you.