Price Suggestion
The Black Rose
Submitted by Ben
~30 keys
Unique Black Rose
229 votes up
62 votes down
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    First seller been up for reasonable amount of time, however the second 10 seller just listed his. Bit early to consider the drop dont you agree?

      10 keys is already established in the range. this should be fine

        So it should be fine to allow one individual seller out of the many to drop as a whole?

          Yes, one seller is fine since the one has been up for two weeks and has a ridiculous amount of views.

            Ok, Just wanted to know. Thanks :3

      ok that was good b4 but now it looks like it should be 10.5, maybe 10-10.5 (classifieds)

        Just sold my black rose for 11 keys. Willd edit post with image later.

            why is this worth anything if you can just go to the game play for free get rose be done, but since it can be sold for keys just go and make alt accounts get as many roses as you want..

              the ones you get from achievement are untradable and not worth nearly as much. tradable ones, on the other hand, are worth a considerable amount.

     labeled as quicksell

     didn't sell for 11, it sold for 10.


                I just don't think there's enough here. None on classifieds or outpost for 10 right now. And one of the 11s sold for 11 pure.