Price Suggestion
~150 keys
Collector's Birdman of Australiacatraz
94 votes up
13 votes down

This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] A Delicious Cashew™.

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The 6th most expensive collectors item!

Sold for 150 keys credits to Tiny cat for a better way of showing it (August 28th) (August 29th)

One of one and will most likely never be sold again as it was sold to bobsplosion

dude this is the same exact suggestion as last time. There's no screenshot at all showing what the other person received, you need that.

      is what even allowed?

        reposting the same thing.

          oh nvm he changed the links sorry. haha

        Are we allowed to price collectors items? Is this what you're asking?

          Oh sorry no resposting the same exact thing

            oh nvm he changed the link sorry. haha