Price Suggestion
~150 keys
Collector's Birdman of Australiacatraz
62 votes up
7 votes down
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The 6th most expensive collectors item!

Sold for 150 keys

One of one and will most likely never be sold again

    Since you're the person that sold it, could you provide a trade screenshot, in conjunction with your backpack screenshot you've already provided?

      than i would need to take multiple shots to get it all i thought bp would be easier ( ) -- This person was able to fit their trade in just fine. Is it a screen space issue hindering you?

          Yes. It very much is

            Perhaps you could ping the person that you sold it to. Maybe they could provide you with a trade screenshot from their side.

              It was bobsplosion lol

                Simple fix ctrl + scroll in order to zoom out on the browser :/ (I don't know if it works on all. Works on chrome though)

                  Just tried still could not get it all

                    Chrome can zoom out to 25%. That's pretty damn far. Unless you don't have chrome it should be an easy fit.

                      Why the fuck are people hating on my comments. This is why i stopped making suggetions so many haters

                        Then please stop, we don't need any stupidity here. "hating" is constructive criticism. We don't want the wrong price to be implemented. Anyways last comment so I don't make a flame war.

                        Edit: Sorry, it really bugs me when people say "hating" it's the most immature thing.

                          I did not mean to respond to you. What i meant is whenever i make a comment its downvoted into oblivion. Also i understand you are providing constructive criticism and hating used in that sentence meant people who dislike me from things i have done. Also do you really need to see that the birdman was traded to bob and you cant just look at his backpack?

                            We can't see the other side of the trade :/. It would be helpful if you did this in an unusual format. Like before - (link) after - (link)

                              Screenshot of the trade is just common suggestion etiquette that you can provide since you were part of the trade. Just ignore the downvotes on the comments, they don't mean anything. Seeing as you have a fair few accepted suggestions you should know better than to let this bother you.

      Most likely implies it might be sold again.

        Legit. Nice sale and congratz!