Price Suggestion
Submitted by Detective Pikachu
~2.78 keys
Unique Earbuds
2224 votes up
1232 votes down
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More than 2 pages of listings below 4 keys, with more than 1 page supporting the low end

Outpost sellers below 4 keys: 3 keys 9 refined 3 keys 9.88 refined 3 keys 10 refined 3 keys 10 refined 3 keys 10 refined 3 keys 11 refined 3 keys 11 refined 3 keys 12 refined 3 keys 13 refined 3 keys 14 refined 3 keys 14 refined 3 keys 14 refined 3 keys 15 refined 3 keys 15 refined

Some solds at 4 keys so leaving 4 keys in the range

Conclusion: plenty of sellers below 4 keys with 3.6 being a solid low end with more than 10 different sellers, still rarely occurs sales at 4 keys so leaving it in the range as high end.


      Because you own one?

      Yeah, I can feel the useless yet weak rage and depression through those Cap letters.

      Found a buyer for 3 keys + 8 ref, in case that helps.

        Buyers help with raising the price, not lowering. Example: An item's price is 1 key, you want to raise the price to 2 keys. You find someone on X Trading site and he is buying that item for 2 keys, then you can use that (plus examples of other people doing the same, or having success selling at that price) to raise the suggested value on this website.

          Thanks for the clarification.

          Anything below 4 keys is a quicksell.

          Sold these with bumps at classifieds and tf2outpost within 5 minutes.

          Don't think a lowering would be necessary I sold mine for 4 keys

            Sold mine at 4 keys today from this buyer .

                Range seems fine due to classifieds

                Sellers for 3.6 keys

       10 on first page

                        Lol all the supporting comments get downvoted.

                          I think a lot of people are getting pissy because buds are dropping. XP

                            So many salty people downvoting, but they know it does nothing.

                                The item isn't traded as much as it used to be, look at the other recently passed stuff, I've seen suggestions like this pass before, honestly.. ... Well, maybe with more than this, but.. Still..

                                I sold my buds for 4 pure, actually I got 2 people looking to buy at 4 almost directly in a row

                                  UPUPUPUUPUPUPUPUPUPUPUPU VOTE

                                      Because people sell them lower than the price. Opinions can't base prices.

                                          Comments like this don't belong here, not trying to be rude. Just stating fact. This is spam, please stop.

                                          I accidentally wrote "Comments don't belong here".. Lol, good thing I caught myself.

                                            People like you shouldn't economy.

                                            What a crisis.

                                            God damn why is it difficult to post it to the original commentor and not the guy above me.

                                              "people like him and you are gonna destroy the tf2 economy"

                                              ur funny. you say that like you are in a position to say such a thing

                                          I just checked some of ur OP stuff and the really cheap buds were sold really fast and some of the guys u said were selling for xyz are selling for a lot more. For instance: he's selling for 5 keys 9 ref.

                                          Overall I think buds need to drop but u need to get rid of the quicksells and check ur proof. GL!

                                          So... can have a vote to make buds just a regular cosmetic instead of a currency now?