Price Suggestion
The Black Rose
Submitted by くび (Kooby)
~30 keys
Unique Black Rose
245 votes up
106 votes down
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Godamnit forgot to change to keys.


On sale:

3 keys x 3

3.37 keys x 1

3.52 keys x 1

Buy orders:

2.27 keys x 1

2.26 keys x 1

2 keys x 3

Sales: Sold for a Genuine Horace (8 keys) Sold for 3 keys Sold for 15 ref, i think Sold for 2 keys Sale at 4 keys

Buyers: Buys at 2 keys Buys at 2 keys Buys at 2 keys

There are others that either buy with items or are below a key

Still open for more suggestions, support and counters c:

    Might wanna wait, this thing has sales everywhere.

        It's no longer craftable, it wasn't meant to be craftable

          Ah alright, no one told me. Nevermind, carry on.

        Like everyone else wait a bit before doing this let the prices calm down

          it is glitched item, prices wont calm down

          Sold for 1 Earbud (4 keys)

            why are the other sales outliers?