Price Suggestion
The Black Rose
Submitted by MrDeepDarkmind
~30 keys
Unique Black Rose
97 votes up
137 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by A Delicious Cashew™.

Message left by moderator:

These are all over the place at the moment, best to let the market settle before pricing this

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I bought a Black rose for a Key

Proof is here

Unsolds for a key:

Plus there Hasn't Been Anyone buying these lately till now

Your unsold is invalid - Because it's way to young. You need more sales


    Wait, why is it invalid? Am I missing something?

      lol you're an orange belt and cant even notice it.

        Wow yeah you're right. It's just I saw the 43 views + 2 bookmarks and my brain instantly went "definitely not young" Thanks for telling me.

        Edit: 2 minutes later and 47 views, wow.

    The market for black roses is very unstable at the moment

    Earlier today black roses were being sold @ 25 keys or above.

    The market needs to stabilize before we can set a price for it

        Says the person trying to sell his for 45+ keys

          I know its a glitched item but the requirements of the item is easy to get

          Plus Kimbo Slice the guy who was selling it Had more Solds with a key but then he did sold some at 3 keys but most;y it was 1 key

          Plus earlier I was gonna buy a Black rose for two keys but a User Named Shroob Bought one for two keys but i still see people selling these Lower So yeah there's some proof And Why add the unsolds so people can buy one for a key So no point plus i commonly gonna think that these are gonna be a key so yeah That's the end of my Proof/Comment

            I bought a black rose for a key as well. I don't know how to get proof though.

              You Copy and Paste the link were u bought it from

              They are now craftable, they are gonna go down very quickly.

              it's open for 8 hours? mods are asleep eh?

                Glitch was patched, these are worth much more now.