Price Suggestion
Submitted by troublemaker
~2.78 keys
Unique Earbuds
3735 votes up
1201 votes down
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Sellers @ 3 keys --- Less then 3 keys --- Less then 3 keys --- Less then 3 keys

Lots of proof here, so many people selling at 3 keys. Golden rule, don't pay more for what you can get cheaper.

    Two full pages of 3 key sellers on Classifieds. Only one buyer at 3 keys.

    Only 3 pages on Outpost now.

    Unsolds for over 3 keys: (3.05 / young) (3.05 / young) (3.05 / umbumped) (3.1 / 20 hours) (3.1 / 1 day) (3.1 / young / unbumped) (3.1 / 1 week / poorly bumped) (3.15 / 4 days) (3.2 / 2 days)

      Sellers at 3 keys each - 100+ in his backpack

      3 buds + 1 ref

      All these from the first two pages when searching for buds for keys sales on outpost, not sure how Chugs missed this many. Considering how many people are now trying to sell 3 key buds, especially a large stocked trader, seems viable. That and 14 sell orders on backpack for 3 keys each and not a single buy order over 3 keys now. Every time someone sells their buds for 3 keys, another steps up to take their place it seems. Easy upvote.

        Troublemaker already provided proof for 3 keys. I was just providing unsolds at more than 3.

        So I take it that Earbuds are finally stabilizing at their true worth, as a limited and retired promotional all-class misc with exclusive particle effects (musical notes). So much for the 24 keys that people placed their trust in, this is its true and naked form ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        PS: Proof seems fine, upvote

          works for me :D

                  Sold one for 3.1 keys, can provide proof if requested. Also, alot of these "unsolds" have actually sold and most of them have sold generally quickly :p

                      ill say it again, you're taking 3.2 out of the range, which means you MUST provide unsolds at 3.2.

                      right now it looks like you're cherrypicking.

                        If surs says so and so...... I will follow his judgement of OverPoweredness.

                        But yeah, gotta prove it can't sell at higher.

                            Doesnt matter, hes taking 3.2 out of the range, so he has to provide unsolds at 3.2. I see this as cherrypicking.

                              Lack of unsolds seems to be the reason after I looked.

                                over 16 pages on outpost, and he didnt state there aren't any sellers at 3.2.

                                doubt you checked all of those pages.

                                cherrypicking and people support cherrypicking, sad.

                                    I dont care if im petty or not, if ur not gonna show unsolds at 3.2, then this suggestion is flawed, idc what u have to say for that.

                                      Again, looked for unsolds myself at the higher range, I can't see them. "idc what you have to say for that" is pretty much saying "I'm going to ignore the fact you have a valid point just so I can continue to believe I'm right"

                                        Since Surs is on timeout, I'll step in.

                                        As proven by Chugs, this suggestion should be closed. No unsolds, and we have sales at 3.05 -> 3.2. I'll post it here again, since it seems like all of you are being ignorant. credit to The Chugs Boston

                               (3.05) - Sold

                               (3.05) - Sold after 5 days

                               (3.1) - Sold ( )

                               (3.1) - Sold

                               (3.1) - Sold

                               (3.1) - Sold ( )

                                        The poster MUST provide unsolds for 3.05, 3.10, 3.15, AND 3.20, due to the fact that he is eliminating ALL of them from the range. There were OBVIOUSLY sellers at those ranges, and they even sold. This proof is 100% cherry picked. Downvote

                                          Can you please show that they sold for the prices you say? Someone with a price in their trade does not mean they sold for that price, add into the fact that a couple of those actually have their price at 3 keys and the fact that your proof is in a massive sea of proof that goes against it.

                                            Also, any newer proof? Most of these are quite aged and lots more recent and stronger proof has been posted since then to make the case for 3 keys being the flat price.

                                              2 days, 5 days, 6 days? Every single one of those sales is valid. The sales should have been included in the suggestion, and he should have proved them as outliers. But seeing all the invalid links he has, all the proof was clearly cherrypicked.

                                              Providing invalid unsolds 7 days after the suggestion was opened is wrong too; this should have been closed long ago.

                            As much as it pains me, Upvote.

                            actually i have to ask, is there anyone else out there gripping onto one pair of buds in hopes of them ever going up if they ever do?

                              I secretly expect them to start going back up at some point in the future, if only by a key or two, but I don't have enough faith in that expectation to invest in very many of them at once. They're still good for banking, though.

                              I wonder if they'd go back up again if Valve made Chemistry sets for them.

                                I think that they're going to go even lower. I personally wouldn't care if they eventually are valued at a key.

                                Buyers can't lower a price.

                                    Sellers can't raise a price. Useless link.


                                        15 keys for a dirty earbud....


                                          All dem dislikes. Someone must still have those crappy things laying around in their backpacks. To make them even more mad i sold all i had for 20 keys each when i found out what was coming lmao. (Insert dislike here)

                                            You gotta admit they still do look nice with the right outfit..

                                              Especially if you do it with Spy, just right. Looks really fancy.. ..I could post a pic but.. That'd be a little pointless in this place..

                                              I agree with this. Buds are dropping and are no longer a currency. People need to accept it. +1

                                                  This suggestion is 4 days old. You should get more fresh new proof or this suggestion will likely be closed.

                                                    Not sure why people are making a big deal about these anymore, they could stay @3 key and no one would really care anymore. The market for the most part had dismissed them as really any kind of currency. Hell even unusual servers have started dying out since there is only one item as "REAL" currency. Just saying as i don't even really see sales or post anymore in servers. Proof here is decent but as of right now idc to vote up or down as these are pretty much worthless.

                                                    The best thing BP.TF can do is remove these from the front page and let them become a distant memory.

                                                      4 days have passed, i still dont see unsolds at 3.2, youre clearly taking 3.2 out of the range.

                                                      cherrypicking is not allowed in the making of suggestions.

                                               - 3 keys 1 ref unsold after 2 days

                                               - 3 keys each, unsold after 5 days

                                               - 3 keys each, buying at 2 keys 18 ref

                                               - 3 keys each

                                               - 3 keys each, backpack says it is set to private for time being.

                                               - 3 keys

                                               - 3 keys

                                               - 3 keys 3 ref unsold after a month, probably lowered price at some point but still unsold.

                                               - 3 keys

                                               -3 keys

                                                        Apart from ApeForkGun couldn't see any seller at the higher end of the current price range in the first couple of pages, market is well saturated with so many 3 key sellers that they seem to have dropped their prices to the lower range, golden rule, don't pay more for what you can get cheaper.

                                                        Looking at classifieds, seems to be quite a few unsold at the higher range, including a few unsolds at 3.05 keys (3 days)

                                                        Pretty viable to say that 3 keys is the stand alone price right now. Still seeing people trying (emphasis on trying) to sell at 4-5 keys though. I don't have to include those do I?

                                                          Your 1 unsold at 3.05 sold. Nice counter proof!

                                                            No it didn't he simply closed the trade, it's still in his backpack. Nice checking! So people trying to sell for 3.05 are having such a hard time selling they are no closing their trades. thanks for making my proof stronger mate.

                                                              Ugh. I hate it when people don't know how to find an item.

                                                              1: Click the earbuds in the trade.

                                                              2: Click backpack on the new window that appears on the side.

                                                              3: The buds WILL BE LINKED.

                                                              4: If they are not, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME BUDS.

                                                          Guys, shut up about the RIP Earbuds crap. The market is already dead for them.

                                                          Seems to be lacking in 3.2 unsolds... Might not vote at all.

                                                            unsolds at 3.2 keys?

                                                              There are one or two people selling for the higher range which have been posted in comments, most are either selling for the low end of 3 keys or 4-5 keys for some reason.

                                                                i can see that someone has posted sales at 3.1 keys

                                                       isn't strict about prices, and cursing the suggester isn't gonna help Buds go up.

                                                                  You will not be missed.

                                                                    I know.

                                                                    Then why is the suggester showing such proof about the price going down?

                                                                    Buds are dropping and you can't deny that amount of proof about it.

                                                                    Oh, it's because you own one, thats why.

                                                                      The reason why I own one is because it's not mine. I'm holding it, so I say that by both my opinion and of my friend's opinion.

                                                                        That explains why'd you make that comment about buds need to go back up

                                                                    Been waiting for someone to do this for a while... RIP buds, you were valiant until the end <3

                                                                          It's just 3 keys.

                                                                              The third link is selling for 4 keys

                                                                                    3 keys is in the range.

                                                                                      ATTN ADMIN: It has been 11 days already, don't you think its time to close this? Or have you forgotten about buds like the rest of us?!


                                                                                      Have the coder of the website remove them from the front page as they are no longer really used. LOL


                                                                                          The rudeness will get you know where so keep it to ones self. As far as buds are concerned, not anymore since they have lost there standings and values to the community. All you need is the basic amount of proof to make this pass anymore. These are and have not been held to the standards of keys and unusuals for the longest time.

                                                                                          Also there are alot of ppl that have said it many time about removing them from the front page because of the lack in value and use as a currency since they have become an overpriced craft hat.

                                                                                            know where

                                                                                            52/52 would attempt english again

                                                                                              Like it or not, the earbuds were, and still are one of the most traded items in this game. A basic amount of proof is what, 4 links? There are over 400 trades on outpost with this 1 hat. That in no way makes it your average overpriced craft hat. Removing this from the front page, although harmless, would be fairly useless. They just re-developed the entire search bar, and it's bound to have bugs. Wasting time on something so pointless would be, well, pointless.


                                                                                              And Troublemaker, props to you for keeping quiet. I'd have easily gotten worked up by now. However, Hex has countered you, trying to raise this. But now's the time you have to either start providing more valid sellers and unsolds, or just close the suggestion.

                                                                                          8 buyers at 3 keys on the Classifieds ->

                                                                                          and only 1 seller for 3 ->

                                                                                            I'd say it's kiiiiinda invalid when almost half are bots or Premium, but eh.

                                                                                            Shows that no one wants to sell for 3.

                                                                                              so people that're premium can't be used as proof? where'd you get that rule from?

                                                                                                I'm just saying that MOST PREMIUMS ARE QUICKBUYERS. Anyways...

                                                                                          As indicated in comments, you'll need to show that 3.2 keys doesn't sell. 3 keys is already in the range.