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Collector's Ambassador
Submitted by na
~16 keys
Collector's Ambassador
939 votes up
879 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as bad evidence and closed by Horizon.

There should always be enough evidence to back up the new proposed value. However, it appears that the evidence is not strong enough, or cherry-picked in a way that does not represent the actual market value of the item. Therefore, this suggestion has been closed.

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Careful thats a manipulation, i secretly own 10 of those D: just kidding.

Just 1 clean in the market

Seller: - 8 keys

Last clean sale: it was sold for it, check the seller bp before and after.



Just saying that the ambassador was sold with a vintage lugemorph fot this duped unusual.

Seeing that the unusual was duped i will get his value on the op thing to give it a range, if you want to do a counter doing a mini on the dupped/overpay unusual, well GOODLUCK

    Fair, Did you check nothing was added though?...

      You are right he still gave a lugemorph for the duped one, i think he didnt see that it was duped ...

        2 Keys were added in the Luger's side, along with 7 refined.

        I can't help but play the music from jaws I'm my mind at the moment.

        This looks good though upvote

          Added the buyer of it to confirm if it really was 8 keys. history shows only 5 tho: (other items didnt match in history)

          two new sellers at 8 now on op

          Another one in the classifieds for 7 keys + 6 ref with spec ks:

            Also I just noticed something but not sure if it matters, there are two C. Ambassadors going for less than $15 on the Steam Market, which is argueably less than 8 Keys.

              Yup also.

              Never tell your password to anyone.

              Monday, 11 May 2015

              11:36 PM - -».•´Woifilicious`•.«-: hi

              11:36 PM - ❤sQQapi❤: hi

              11:36 PM - -».•´Woifilicious`•.«-: added you to ask you one question basically

              11:36 PM - -».•´Woifilicious`•.«-:

              11:37 PM - -».•´Woifilicious`•.«-: what did you buy the ambassador for?

              11:37 PM - ❤sQQapi❤: 5 keys man

              11:37 PM - -».•´Woifilicious`•.«-: alright as I thought, thanks for your help :)

              11:37 PM - ❤sQQapi❤: np